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Lawsuit Filed against ICE

AAAJ-LA and AAAJ-ALC filed a lawsuit against ICE on behalf of Cambodian detainees and deportees, called Chhoeun v. Marin. The case has an upcoming hearing on Monday, August 13 at 1:30PM in Santa Ana and members of the Cambodian community are invited to attend.

This is a great opportunity to conduct outreach in an effort to serve families impacted by potential deportation. I plan on attending and invite you to attend with me in support of the Cambodian community and to conductoutreach and engagement.

Details regarding case:

Chhoeun v. Marin is a lawsuit that challenges the way ICE conducts raids on Cambodian refugees with removal orders. The lawsuit argues that ICE violates people’s rights by suddenly re-detaining them and attempting to deport them even though they have been contributing to their communities for years. On August 13, the court will hold a hearing on whether the lawsuit can move forward as a class action on behalf of all Cambodian refugees who are in danger of being re-detained. Community members will not have a direct role at the hearing, but we will highlight the community’s presence to the judge and we believe this will help show the judge that many people are impacted by these harmful ICE practices. Anyone attending the hearing will need to bring government-issued ID and go through security to enter the courthouse.